Muscle Injections Almost Cost this Bodybuilder His Arms

This 25 year old Brazilian bodybuilder almost lost his arms after injecting his muscles with synthol that caused the formation of rocks. All for his quest to look like the Incredible Hulk. I’m sorry, but I think this simply looks ridiculous. Not to mention the fact the he put his life at risk.

Does anyone actually find this attractive?

I think I finally found someone who looks more ridiculous than Carrot Top.


Tesla’s Model S Fully Controlled By Apple Watch App

So if owning a Tesla and the new Apple Watch wasn’t cool enough as it is, there is now an app for the Apple Watch that creates a happy marriage between both. Of course, some of you might be saying that Tesla already has their own app, which is true, but their app is only for smartphones. Now you can have all the same features, but do everything from your wrist (cause today’s world is not spoiled enough as it is, lol).

Here’s a full look of it in action…