Qualities that Make a Good Tattoo Artist

Introduction to How to Tattoo
Tattoo artist working

Due to the popularity of tattoos and the lucrative business that tattooing offers, many individuals want to shift to this field of artistry. But many of them make the blunder of buying tattooing equipment and practicing on their friends-something that is quite dangerous. And the bad news is that the majority of these people never become successful artists. They also never master the skills required to compete in this stiffly competitive business. Why? Because they jump into it before making sure they are prepared. If you want to become a serious tattoo artist and are serious about that, these are the qualities you must have;

1) Passion and Talent
There is a reason those who ink skin are referred to as ‘tattoo artists’. Unlike any person who may learn casually how to draw tattoos on others’ skins, these people are passionate about their work and that is one of the things that set them apart. Being a successful artist also requires certain natural abilities when it comes to learning how to tattoo. In addition, you will need some weeks of intensive practice to master every aspect of this impressive art of drawing tattoos on the skin. You must be good at sketching out ideas from those who would want to have tattoos drawn on their skins.

2) You Must Be Flexible
If you want to become a successful professional in this career, you need to realize that flexibility is inevitable. Do not stick to one thing, but rather try and be open to all the opportunities that may present themselves. The realm of tattooing itself has some particular cultural expectations that you will want to learn in order to take your place among the most successful artists. For instance, apart from some sort of academic qualifications, you will be expected to have gone through an apprenticeship program. Opportunities for job may not be exactly what you anticipated either, and so a little bit of flexibility will go a long way in helping you become an established professional.

3) Perseverance
Let’s face it; tattooing is not a job for the faint-hearted. It is not an easy career to join or be in, you just have to earn your place. Perseverance is one of the traits that set those who make it apart from those who do not. Whether you are taking art classes or practicing before getting the permission to provide services, one thing is certain; you will encounter lots of challenges which without determination may throw you out of the profession.

4) Attention to Detail
Without good attention to detail, you can never learn how to tattoo. Professional tattooing involves many details, and a successful professional is one who bears them all in mind. While the most apparent types of detail that come to mind are those in the art itself, there is much more to it than that. As an artist, you are expected to plan the design out beforehand so that colors are applied in the right order in order not to smudge and ruin the lighter colors. Being detail-oriented gives you the upper hand when it comes to succeeding in this profession.

I personally have been a huge artist of tattoos ever since I was a little boy. Not that I have been looking to start a career in tattooing, but I am artistically inclined so a few months ago I decided to looking into some tattoo courses (mostly as a hobby to quench my desire to learn the artform). There are hundreds of books, DVDs, and even trade schools out there. The course I decided to go with was an online video tutorial series I found on Google. It’s a series of 12 modules going from very basic tool setup to as advanced as tattoo cover ups. I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money so I thought this course was a great deal. I definitely recommend it. You can check out their website here: http://www.howtotattooblog.com/

Below is a video from their youtube channel for you to have an idea of the quality.


Steve Aoki Gets Pounded with a Major Lawsuit

I knew something was bound to eventually come back and bite Steve Aoki in the ass for all his crazy tactics that he does at his performances. Steve is one of the most popular DJs in the EDM (electronic dance music) scene and he is known for throwing cakes to his audience, jumping from absurd places, and crowd surfing on an inflatable raft.

Steve Aoki

I always wondered how in the world no major injuries resulted from him acting like a clown. Well it turns out that he just got slapped with a major lawsuit from one of his concert attendees from 2012. ABC 10 reports that he accidentally broke an audience member’s neck at his performance at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

Nothing against him, but I personally think that a DJ doesn’t need to be doing such off the wall stuff if he’s a good DJ. Whatever happened to getting down and sweating your butt off to some good house music while the DJ killed it behind the DJ booth?!?

Muscle Injections Almost Cost this Bodybuilder His Arms

This 25 year old Brazilian bodybuilder almost lost his arms after injecting his muscles with synthol that caused the formation of rocks. All for his quest to look like the Incredible Hulk. I’m sorry, but I think this simply looks ridiculous. Not to mention the fact the he put his life at risk.

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Tesla’s Model S Fully Controlled By Apple Watch App

So if owning a Tesla and the new Apple Watch wasn’t cool enough as it is, there is now an app for the Apple Watch that creates a happy marriage between both. Of course, some of you might be saying that Tesla already has their own app, which is true, but their app is only for smartphones. Now you can have all the same features, but do everything from your wrist (cause today’s world is not spoiled enough as it is, lol).

Here’s a full look of it in action…