Factors To Consider When Hiring Custom Palm Coast Pool Contractors

Swimming is an activity that everyone enjoys engaging in especially during hot Palm Coast summer days. Having a swimming pool at home is a phenomenon that has been gaining popularity and acceptance in many parts of the country. Swimming pools are no longer considered extravagant investments that are reserved for big hotels and institutions. If you are dying to have an indoor pool or an outdoor pool where you and your family can spend some much needed quality time then you should start considering which custom swimming pool contractors you are going to entrust with your new pool construction

A swimming pool is an investment that can drastically elevate the market price of your property. With this fact in mind, it is very important that you pay keen attention to every detail in the construction of your new pool. You should only entrust this important work to professional swimming pool contractors who have the know-how and experience needed in building an attractive and safe pool. Here are some factors to consider when hiring custom swimming pool contractors


Professional swimming pool contractors should have an amazing portfolio of prior construction projects that they have engaged in. This is a major factor to consider as you do not want to entrust the work of building your new pool to a bunch of amateurs. Having a glance at contractors’ portfolios will also help you to get ideas on how you would want your new pool to look and function like.

Insurance and Licensing

Custom swimming pool contractors should be duly licensed by the state and local authorities. Failure to prove that they are licensed professionals should be a major turn off for you. A licensed company should be properly insured by a reputable insurance company so that your new investment is safeguarded from things like natural disasters and accidents.


Any good business enterprise should offer certain incentives to its loyal customers. This is no different with custom pool contractors. Many pool construction companies offer a wide range of incentives such as discounts, maintenance packages, pool accessories and much more with the aim of keeping their clients happy. Always be on the lookout for such incentives in order to make the most out of the money you will be spending.

Testimonies and Reviews

Last but not least, before deciding to hire a specific custom pool contractor, you should go ahead and do a web search in order to see if there are any negative reviews about the subject contractor. Online reviews and testimonies can be a big help in the case where you do not know much about a certain company. Satisfied clients are always happy to share their experience with the world and their testimonies can be sign that you are making the right decision.

All in all, getting a new pool should not be a daunting task if and only if you get the right professionals to make it happen. Ask for quotes from the custom pool contractors on your shortlist and evaluate which company will work for you best.

Reasons Why You Should Hire a Pest Control Specialist

There are so many different kinds of bugs out there. Pests like to invade our homes because they can find water, food and shelter. It is not unusual to see spiders, ants and even rodents in a home. Getting rid of these pests can be difficult. You can try to purchase your own materials to eliminate the bugs, but you are running the risk of pumping toxic chemicals into your living environment.

ASAP Pest Control exterior spraying of Palm Coast home

Professional pest control is a good solution. While you obviously have to pay money in order to secure these services, there are a number of advantages to going the professional route. The benefits of a good service are as follows.

1. A Treatment Plan Specifically for Your House

Not all ant infestations are the same. This is true for any pest; therefore, there is no “right” way to get rid of the bugs and keep them from coming back. A pest control technician will evaluate your specific situation, including such factors as the level of infestation, the size of the property and more. They will then come up with a plan to keep the bugs off of your property. This specialized service is one of the best reasons to go with a pest control company when you are having a problem.

2. The Ability To Save Money

When you first think about getting pest control, you likely consider the cost of such services. It is true that having a technician out to your house can get expensive. However, think about how much your home is worth. You don’t want to risk damage that could bring down your value. For example, carpenter ants can cause extensive problems to the structure of a home. As a result, it is often worth it to hire a technician. Some companies such as ASAP Pest Control (www.centralflpestcontrol.com) even offer some great guarantees if your pest problem is not solved.

3. A Safer Environment

Companies understand that families are worried about the products that they use in their homes and around their families. Therefore, they are beginning to use more eco-friendly options to ease your mind. In some cases, the only option is a chemical one. In these situations, the company will advise you on how to stay safe. For example, they may require that you are off the property for a certain amount of time. The technicians themselves will use safety gear and carefully apply the product so that it does not hurt you or anyone that you love.

4. Less Worry

Trying to handle a pest extermination on your own can be very stressful! The average family is not sure how to attack such a problem, particularly if it has been present for a while. Often, you can try for years before you see any measure of success, but this allows the pest in question to really get established in your home. When you hire a professional, you do not have to do anything at all. Your home will be protected on a regular basis, and you can always call the company back out if you have problems.

It is not advisable to try and handle a pest control problem on your own. Spend a little money to make sure the issue is handled correctly.

Keeping Positive Thoughts Yields Positive Results

For the most part I have always been a pretty positive person. Like all of us, I have had my good moments and my bad moments, but no matter what I have always “tried” to see the positive side of things. I emphasize the word “tried”, because we are all human and sometimes roadblocks that we encounter in life may make things a little difficult to stay positive.

Sometimes we have to deal with some negative or unexpected circumstances and we may ask ourselves, “Why me?” The truth is that I have been in many scenarios where I have asked myself that very same question. At the moment, it may have seemed like my world was coming to an end or things simply couldn’t get any worse, but I quickly learned that everything happens for a reason and something good always comes out of any negative situation. This might be a little difficult to understand, but it is the truth. Put it this way, not matter how bad a situation is, life goes on and you become a stronger and better person for it.

I recently read a motivational book titled “Memoirs of a Learning Disabled Dyslexic Multi-Millionaire” by Allen Weinstein. I am not dyslexic, but I have some close personal friends who are and I have seen first hand experiences of some of the obstacles that they have had to deal with (especially when we were in school). I love reading books that inspire me and help me to be a better person, and this book was just that.

Instead of me going into detail about who is Allen Weinstein, I have included below three recordings from a radio show Allen did several years ago on the popular NY based WOR Radio. These three particular shows are all about Allen’s background and I think you will be very impressed with this man’s accomplishments and definitely be inspired by him.

“Who Is Allen Weinstein Part 1”

“Who Is Allen Weinstein Part 2”

“Who Is Allen Weinstein Part 3”

I also recommend you follow Allen Weinstein on Instagram for some motivational quotes.

Hope you enjoy and you are able to fill your life with positive thoughts and positive results!

How To Prepare Your SEO Strategy For 2016

2015 is coming to a close, which means it’s that time of year again when you need to evaluate your overall marketing efforts to see what worked and what didn’t. As I have mentioned before, I come from a family of business owners and SEO is one of the strategies that I have always been interested in and have introduced to my family businesses. This year has been particularly interesting in terms of all the trends that have emerged, prompting webmasters and search engine optimization experts to go back to the drawing board and re-tool their strategies. If you’re completely new to all this, there’s nothing to worry about. Read on and discover how you can prepare your SEO campaigns for 2016.

keyword ranking sample for SEO client

1. Content is still king.

If you’ve been in the SEO game for a long time, then you’ve probably heard of this countless times. And there’s a good reason for this; content has been king and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Far too many business owners and marketers focus on improving their rankings on search engines, but keep in mind that rankings would be useless if your content doesn’t generate leads or turn into sales. You need to come up with a solid content marketing strategy that encompasses all the online platforms you use to promote your business.

2. Use responsive web design.

One of the biggest algorithmic updates released by Google this year is their mobile-friendly algorithm. This targeted mobile searches in particular, adding a “mobile-friendly” label on search results that use responsive web design. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that mobile is the way to go now, with 90% of mobile users using their devices to search for products and services online. Be sure that your website provides the optimal user experience for your users regardless of whether they’re on their laptop, smartphone or tablet. You can test your website to see if it’s mobile-friendly here: https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/mobile-friendly/

3. Establish a social presence.

Many Palm Coast SEO specialists still question the influence of social signals when it comes to improving search engine rankings. But even if social signals don’t do anything to increase your website’s visibility in the search engines, you should still utilize the various social media sites to promote your brand. Numerous studies show that consumers are more likely to do business with a company that has a presence on social media. It simply isn’t enough to just rank on the top spot. Consumers are using various online platforms to find out more about a specific company, so be sure to find out where your target audience is and engage them on different social platforms.

4. Backlinks are still vital.

As mentioned, providing valuable and relevant information to your customers should be your top priority. But this doesn’t mean you should forget about off-page SEO techniques. Building backlinks to your web pages is still considered by many as the best way to improve your search visibility. Just don’t overdo it, as Google and other search engines have become smarter and stricter when it comes to penalizing websites that try to game their algorithms. Aim for high quality, relevant and contextual links, and make it a point that you diversify your overall link profile.

5. Work with a trusted partner.

Many business owners may feel overwhelmed at the amount of things to be done, including building a website, creating multiple social profiles, maintaining a blog, producing videos, increasing search rankings and more. If you find yourself in such a situation, be sure to find a partner who understands your target market. By working with an SEO firm that can help you build a strategy according to your consumers’ buying journey, you can optimize your web presence, tailor it to your target audience and ultimately boost your bottom line.

Palm Coast Search Engine Optimization Services by M4 Worldwide | (386) 302-1123

These are just a few tips to keep in mind when planning your SEO strategy for 2016. Always remember to keep track of every marketing campaign you do so you can see what areas need improvement.

The New Ford GT Makes Its Runs at Daytona International Speedway

The Ford GT has always been one of my favorite supercars and I was so excited to see the new model make it’s first appearance at the Daytona International Speedway. Such a beast. Ford released this 50 second teaser. Can’t wait to see more!

EDX – Belong (Official Music Video)

The latest deep house release by EDX is here and Spinnin’ Records just released the official music video for it. Enjoy!

For more new house music being released every day, check out one of my favorite music sites https://twitter.com/tophousemusicbl

Aluminum Wheels and Pot Holes Equal Recipe For Disaster

Aluminum alloy wheels have pretty much taken over today’s car market (and for good reason). Before I get into my reasoning behind the title of this blog post, let’s consider some of the advantages of aluminum alloy rims versus steel wheels. First of all, let’s face the reality – alloy wheels look amazing and steel wheels simply don’t make the beauty cut. Cosmetically speaking, alloys can be cast and worked in to an infinite amount of designs and sizes which can make your ride be as unique as you want. Steel wheels – not so much – to put it nicely, lol.

Custom Alloy Wheels

Another advantage of alloys is their performance. Being that they are much lighter than steel, alloys make your car’s performance more agile, more responsive, and help with faster acceleration.

Now onto the dreaded downside of aluminum alloy rims. Because they are made from a lighter material, they do tend to bend much easier than steel rims due to any heavy road impact (such as pot holes). Sometimes if the bend is a significant amount, alloys even tend to crack. And this is exactly what happened to me. I was driving in an unfamiliar area in Jacksonville, FL and while trying to pay attention for an address I was looking for, I didn’t see a rather deep pot hole (it was at night and this road had no street lights). It was too late, the damage was done. I pulled over and with my iphone’s flashlight I immediately noticed the ugly ding in my beautiful Ruff Racing wheel. It was so bad that my tire actually went flat.

I put on my spare tire and made it to a nearby gas station so that I can take a closer look with some actual real light. I tried putting some air in the tire, but it wouldn’t hold. As soon as I got back home I immediately went online to see if I could find a replacement rim. I found two places (both out of state) that had my style rim, but unfortunately they were not my size. I searched around for a few more hours and found a few more spots that carried this model, but I had to wait till next morning to give them a call and see if they had them in stock. After about 15 calls to places all over the country, not one single shop had my model rim and stock and worse of all, this model is discontinued so they can’t even order one for me directly from the manufacturer.

As I’m sure you guys know, alloy rims are definitely pricier than steel rims (another disadvantage to add to the list) so the thought of having to buy a set of 4 new rims for my car was something I wanted to avoid. My next mission was to find out if my rim could actually be repaired. Maybe it was something that I could even do myself so I went searching on youtube and found plenty of videos such as the one below.

Obviously I didn’t have one of these Nitromac machines in my garage so attempting to fix my rim on my own was out of the question. My next mission was to find a rim repair shop in Jacksonville. My first attempts were calling auto body repair shops, but much to my surprise none of them deal with rims. After a few more phone calls I finally found a wheel shop that specialized in repairing rims. I dropped off my wheel at Coast 2 Coast Customs and in just a few days my car was back on the road with all four of my Ruff Racing rims like nothing ever happened.

For those of you who might not have a local shop that specializes in rim repairs I also found a few companies that you can actually ship your wheel to and have your repaired wheel sent back to you. Obviously this takes a little more time because of transit time, but waiting a few extra days definitely beats having to buy new rims.

Cost to repair my rim was $150. Some of the out of state companies I found charged as little as $100, but you have to take into consideration the shipping costs and also the additional waiting time.


Drei Ros – Jazzy Bitch (Music Video)

It is Friday and I’m digging this new video from Romania’s Drei Ros. Cool summer vibes and a catchy hook. TGIF!


Priceless Advice from 50 of the Biggest Entrepreneurs

I come from a family of business owners (some successful and some not) so the love for business is in my blood. After watching videos like the one below (shout out to Blockshelf), I get the urge for wanting to take the leap of faith and pursue my business dreams. One of my favorites is what Guy Kawasaki says. You can watch full details below.

Qualities that Make a Good Tattoo Artist

Introduction to How to Tattoo
Tattoo artist working

Due to the popularity of tattoos and the lucrative business that tattooing offers, many individuals want to shift to this field of artistry. But many of them make the blunder of buying tattooing equipment and practicing on their friends-something that is quite dangerous. And the bad news is that the majority of these people never become successful artists. They also never master the skills required to compete in this stiffly competitive business. Why? Because they jump into it before making sure they are prepared. If you want to become a serious tattoo artist and are serious about that, these are the qualities you must have;

1) Passion and Talent
There is a reason those who ink skin are referred to as ‘tattoo artists’. Unlike any person who may learn casually how to draw tattoos on others’ skins, these people are passionate about their work and that is one of the things that set them apart. Being a successful artist also requires certain natural abilities when it comes to learning how to tattoo. In addition, you will need some weeks of intensive practice to master every aspect of this impressive art of drawing tattoos on the skin. You must be good at sketching out ideas from those who would want to have tattoos drawn on their skins.

2) You Must Be Flexible
If you want to become a successful professional in this career, you need to realize that flexibility is inevitable. Do not stick to one thing, but rather try and be open to all the opportunities that may present themselves. The realm of tattooing itself has some particular cultural expectations that you will want to learn in order to take your place among the most successful artists. For instance, apart from some sort of academic qualifications, you will be expected to have gone through an apprenticeship program. Opportunities for job may not be exactly what you anticipated either, and so a little bit of flexibility will go a long way in helping you become an established professional.

3) Perseverance
Let’s face it; tattooing is not a job for the faint-hearted. It is not an easy career to join or be in, you just have to earn your place. Perseverance is one of the traits that set those who make it apart from those who do not. Whether you are taking art classes or practicing before getting the permission to provide services, one thing is certain; you will encounter lots of challenges which without determination may throw you out of the profession.

4) Attention to Detail
Without good attention to detail, you can never learn how to tattoo. Professional tattooing involves many details, and a successful professional is one who bears them all in mind. While the most apparent types of detail that come to mind are those in the art itself, there is much more to it than that. As an artist, you are expected to plan the design out beforehand so that colors are applied in the right order in order not to smudge and ruin the lighter colors. Being detail-oriented gives you the upper hand when it comes to succeeding in this profession.

I personally have been a huge artist of tattoos ever since I was a little boy. Not that I have been looking to start a career in tattooing, but I am artistically inclined so a few months ago I decided to looking into some tattoo courses (mostly as a hobby to quench my desire to learn the artform). There are hundreds of books, DVDs, and even trade schools out there. The course I decided to go with was an online video tutorial series I found on Google. It’s a series of 12 modules going from very basic tool setup to as advanced as tattoo cover ups. I wasn’t looking to spend a lot of money so I thought this course was a great deal. I definitely recommend it. You can check out their website here: http://www.howtotattooblog.com/

Below is a video from their youtube channel for you to have an idea of the quality.


Jackie Chan’s Best Story Ever

One of my childhood idols has always been Bruce Lee and I have always been a huge fan of all of Jackie Chan’s movies. I found this cool video of Jackie explaining an encounter he had with Bruce Lee while filming the classic “Enter The Dragon” many years ago.

Steve Aoki Gets Pounded with a Major Lawsuit

I knew something was bound to eventually come back and bite Steve Aoki in the ass for all his crazy tactics that he does at his performances. Steve is one of the most popular DJs in the EDM (electronic dance music) scene and he is known for throwing cakes to his audience, jumping from absurd places, and crowd surfing on an inflatable raft.

Steve Aoki

I always wondered how in the world no major injuries resulted from him acting like a clown. Well it turns out that he just got slapped with a major lawsuit from one of his concert attendees from 2012. ABC 10 reports that he accidentally broke an audience member’s neck at his performance at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.

Nothing against him, but I personally think that a DJ doesn’t need to be doing such off the wall stuff if he’s a good DJ. Whatever happened to getting down and sweating your butt off to some good house music while the DJ killed it behind the DJ booth?!?

Muscle Injections Almost Cost this Bodybuilder His Arms

This 25 year old Brazilian bodybuilder almost lost his arms after injecting his muscles with synthol that caused the formation of rocks. All for his quest to look like the Incredible Hulk. I’m sorry, but I think this simply looks ridiculous. Not to mention the fact the he put his life at risk.

Does anyone actually find this attractive?

I think I finally found someone who looks more ridiculous than Carrot Top.


Tesla’s Model S Fully Controlled By Apple Watch App

So if owning a Tesla and the new Apple Watch wasn’t cool enough as it is, there is now an app for the Apple Watch that creates a happy marriage between both. Of course, some of you might be saying that Tesla already has their own app, which is true, but their app is only for smartphones. Now you can have all the same features, but do everything from your wrist (cause today’s world is not spoiled enough as it is, lol).

Here’s a full look of it in action…